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These are our terms and conditions.  We present this information for your benefit and understanding and do not hide or bury this information on our site.  We want all information to be clear for when you are ready to purchase.

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All information on this site is as correct as we believe possible. On occasion we do make a mistake. We will correct any issues if notified.

All bead sizes, lengths and counts are approximate. As these beads are hand-made and hand-strung, each strand of beads will vary slightly in size, length, appearance and number of beads.

Metal beads may be of a mix of various metals.  The refining process in Africa is not the purest and trace amount of other types of metals may be present and not listed.  We list the products based on the information provided to us by our distributors and our experience.

Our beads are strung on a variety of materials including Raffia, String, Monofilament, Leather and others.  Rex Beads sells the strands as we receive them.  Some materials are more durable than others.  The beads are sold on strands to be used as materials for your creations.  They are not strung to be worn as-is.  If you are looking to wear the strands as-is, it is recommended to restring them on more durable materials. 

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If you find an issue with your beads, we must be notified within 15 days of receipt. 

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