Coin Metal Bicone Beads (16-17x10-12mm)

Coin Metal Bicone Beads (16-17x10-12mm) [67713]

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A beautiful strand of approximately 49 'Coin Silver' Metal bi-cones from Nigeria on cord 26 inches long. Each Silver metal bead measures approximately 10-12mm x 16-17mm. The hole is 1-2mm.

Bead Made Of: Silver Metal Mix
Bead Made In: Nigeria
Bead Found In: Nigeria
Bead Approximate Age: 20th Century
Approximate Number of Beads: 49
Overall Condition: Good
Bead Height: 16-17mm
Bead Diameter (Hole to Hole): 10-12mm
Hole Size: 1-2mm
Beads displayed are exact stand being sold