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  • African Trade Beads

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African trade beads are decorative glass beads used between the 16th and 20th century as a currency to exchange for goods, services and slaves. The beads were made throughout Europe and Africa. Trade beads are now found world wide. The production of trade beads became so popular that these beads were used for all sort of trade. Millefiori (thousand flower) beads from Venice, Italy were one of the most commonly traded beads, and are commonly known as "African trade beads". Today all sorts of beads are traded such as Ghana Beads, Batik/Bone Beads, Boule Brass Beads, Carnelian Beads, Fancy Metal Beads, Heishi Beads, Prayer Beads, and much much more. For more details, check out our blog.

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New Products For October

Copper Spacer Beads (4x2mm)
61 Available
$10.00  $7.50 On Sale
Save: 25% off
Silver Spacer Beads (5x6mm)
2 Available
$10.00  $7.50 On Sale
Save: 25% off
Silver Spacer Beads (5x5mm)
2 Available
$10.00  $7.50 On Sale
Save: 25% off

Monthly Specials For October

Copper Spacer Beads (3x3mm)
6 Available
$10.00  $7.50 On Sale
Save: 25% off
Mixed Vinyl Disk Beads (6x1mm)
9 Available
$9.00  $7.50 On Sale
Save: 17% off
Copper Heishi Beads (3x2mm)
4 Available
$8.00  $6.00 On Sale
Save: 25% off
Copper Heishi Beads - 2 Strands (3x1mm)
3 Available
$10.00  $7.50 On Sale
Save: 25% off
Copper Spacer Beads (4x5mm)
41 Available
$12.00  $9.00 On Sale
Save: 25% off
Mixed Ghana Glass Glass Beads (11-13x3-4mm)
5 Available
$11.00  $7.50 On Sale
Save: 32% off
Copper Spacer Beads (2x3mm)
13 Available
$10.00  $7.50 On Sale
Save: 25% off
White Padre Beads (6x5mm)
59 Available
$10.00  $7.50 On Sale
Save: 25% off

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